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Evedon Park Bush Retreat has roots going all the way to 11th century England where the tiny parish church in Evedon, the Church in the Field, is mentioned in the Domesday Book, the mammoth property survey of England which was compiled in 1086. Fast-forward 900-odd years to the early 20th century and the rector of the church for 46 years was Maynard, grandfather of Tony Jenour.

Evedon, in Lincolnshire about two hours drive north of London, is little changed over the years, and the pretty stone church is still there. Two graves in the churchyard are the resting place of both Tony's rector grandfather and his grandmother.

Tony never knew his grandfather, both his grand parents died about 20 years before Tony was born, however with such lineage it seemed fitting for Tony and Merilyn to name their Burekup property Evedon Park when they bought it in 1963.

Tony was a motor mechanic and Merilyn a nurse, working in Bunbury and Perth hospitals, but the early days on the property were all about farming beef cattle, sheep and later dairying and raising their three children. The property ran beef cattle but at the back of Tony's mind was always the thought of one day combining the farm with tourism.

By 1984 Evedon Park Bush Resort was a reality with six accommodation units built overlooking the picturesque lake. The facilities have since expanded to 16 accommodation units, function centre and Restaurant.

Tony and Merilyn have seen the changes in the world over the past few decades as people have moved away from farms to the cities and lost their connection with rural life. Evedon Park Bush Retreat is a recognition of people's desire to reconnect, even if just for a holiday in a peaceful rural location.

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